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Use the grid to see which supplier has made the best offer for your required items. Your suppliers can complete a bid in less than 30 seconds directly from their e-mail client, and you’ll see the price immediately.

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Your data is always encrypted with SSL-256 bit and you can choose to invite only your trusted suppliers or the entire Oil & Gas directory. They will receive a bid invitation via e-mail and we take care of anything.

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You currently spend 67% of your time just contacting people, answering, and searching email to gather all the prices and conditions to make an offer to your customer and look for the right supplier. OGCX makes faster and easier to get quotations from your suppliers, giving all your business in the same page. More productivity, more transparency.

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Looking for pipes, fittings, valves, tubes, components, services or manpower? No more switching between phone, PC, blackboard, fax. Bring all the docs together in one simple place. Track and manage all your inquiries, offers and orders in the same user friendly platform.

Negotiate via e-mail

We know negotiation can be tricky! OGCX lets you negotiate with your suppliers using your e-mail client, including iPhone, Android or Blackberry. All messages, files, notifications are also safely stored into the OGCX related RFQ to keep track of the negotiations and order status.